Learning JavaScript, HTML and CSS

One of my goals is to expand my programming skills. I decided to learn JavaScript since we use it at work for web pages and sites. I do have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Linux and C+ from prior work and educational experience.

First day, learning from the book , “Get Coding.” This book incorporates learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all at once. The book teaches you how to build a website, an APP, and a game. The audience is directed towards kids. I recommend this book for adults since it is easy to read and has pictures demonstrating what the code and final product should look like. The writing style is simple and you can download information, code, and images from their website https://getcodingkids.com/.

Second day, involved building the website immediately using HTML after creating a Coding folder and opening NotePad++ as my text editor. The book describes the requirements for each topic then offers a Code Skills section at the end of each chapter. I found this beneficial, especially for people with little or no programming experience. This book is great at explaining the process step by step while providing a fun learning environment, which engages the student. Ready to learn more!

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