Leadership in the 21st Century

As a speech evaluator at Totem Toastmasters January meeting; I heard two great speeches on the topic of, The Leadership of Dichotomy. The two speakers John Messer and Jack Buce shared their knowledge, insight and humor on the topic. The two speeches complemented each other and demonstrated why these listed concepts should be added to your leadership toolbox.


  • Trust your own leadership
  • Exercise your flexibility at ever opportunity to your team
  • Balance, you cannot balance opposing forces if you do not realize their is more than one force at work
  • Own it, while empowering others via delegation
  • Plan, but do not over plan for your goals
  • Know when to mentor and when to fire a subordinate
  • Be humble, but not passive
  • Focus on achieving the effect, not just a principle

Sources cited for these speeches:

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