Snow Storms Connect People

The Pacific Northwest just experienced its largest snowfall in decades this February 2019. Snohomish county was covered with over two feet of snow. At first people hovered inside their warm homes if they still had power and schools closed. The blanket of snow decorated the hills, trees and roads.

It was not all fun and games. The snow plows had to clear the roads for people to travel to work, buses adorned chains to transport people to their destinations and people shoveled snow off the sidewalks.

The roads and hills became an outlet for sledding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, walking the dogs and photography the stormy scenery. People were playing with friends and family. People waved and smiled at each other.

The condominium property where I dwell was deep in snow and ice. One neighbor cleared the pathway to the mailbox. It was not enough. On Tuesday morning broken tree branches blocked the opening to the front of building and mailboxes. A large branch fell across the garbage container, the lids could not open to toss the trash in. Garbage pick up was cancelled.

The snow was deep and cars were not budging from their parking spots. Neighbors to the rescue. We had two plastic shovels, cardboard, brooms and buckets. We took turns moving tree branches, shoveling snow and clearing a path for people and cars. We could not empty our garbage and pick up our mail safely. Several of us could now maneuver our cars in and out of the parking lot. These achievements may seem small in scale, but not in heart.

This community spirit made me aware of how lucky I am to have caring neighbors who look out for each other. A storm brought us together. by creating a memories. I snapped photographs of the weeks weather activity which are posted on my public Facebook page Peridot Eyes Photography. I do hope the next community event is a few degrees warmer. A few posted photos.

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