Toastmaster for First Leadership Workshop, at Totem #41 Toastmasters Club


First Leadership Workshop for the 2019 last Tuesday, June 4th. The room was filled with energy, members working on last minute details to create a learning environment for current and new members. This year the focus is to train Toastmasters on the role of an Area Director. The topics can be applied to any leadership role. This is an eight week series focused on leadership.

The Toastmaster for the meeting orchestrates all the players, introduces the speakers, follows the agenda, and closes the meeting . The Toastmaster sets the tone for the meeting. My goal was to be enthusiastic, showcase my leadership skills, and interact with everyone throughout the evening. The workshop theme was “Lead” .

We had two speakers, Vic Bloomfield’s speech was, “The Role of the Area Director, ” and Dr. Alfonso Monterro’s speech was, “Global Leadership”. Both speeches were informative and well received by the members and guests. Vic provided tips on how to be successful as an Area Director: network, visit your clubs to provide feedback, attend officer training and volunteer to assist other Area Directors at contests.

Dr. Mongerro shared his global experience which included: learn the customs and language of the people. Understand the people by attending their cultural, educational or sporting events. Mingling with the locals, learning their customs and language, you will earn their respect.

At Totem, we have facilitated discussions covering the two speeches. Everyone can participate during the discussion, offer feedback, ask the speakers questions, or share their insight on the topic. The group discussions encourage learning and communication between members and guests. We had a great discussion.

From my viewpoint, the meeting was a success, people were laughing, asking questions, sharing ideas and learning how to lead. Next meeting is on “Servant Leadership,” on June 18th.

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