Seattle Give Camp 2019

A whirlwind of activity of ten teams creating websites and applications for local non-profit organizations. This is Seattle Give Camp’s annual three day hackathon at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington.

This year my team role was project manager for Team Roots-Shelter, in Seattle’s’ University District. The organization finds temporary housing for homeless youth. We migrated their hosted web site from WordPress to Wix. We encountered a few challenges on the way, beginning with none of us had any working experience with Wix. We had a crash course Sunday morning. Fortunately, Wix is an easy application to learn for developers and non-technical people.

The best part of a hackathon is the collaboration, enthusiasm, and the can do attitude from the team, who start the project as strangers to one another abd finish the project as peers and friends. Roots-Shelter now has a new web site that is easy to maintain, operate and update. Time to celebrate with photos and cupcakes! Thank you to our sponsors and volunteers for a successful event.

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