Celebrate Closure

Celebrate closure to engage forward motion in your life. Today is day one of my retirement era, I have planned for this event for decades; it appeared as a far away planet in the universe until a few a weeks ago. It s now my reality and I am excited for this time. The time is about focusing on working on projects that are fulfilling and spending time with people who are enlightening my life with their presence.

Celebrating my last day at work with my coworkers on Halloween was a good idea. These are the people who I shared daily challenges on accomplishing goals and meeting deadlines over the years despite budget cuts, furloughs and staff reductions. Retirement was a personal goal in my life and ending my federal government service with a festive celebration with my peers on a sunny day in Seattle was a successful milestone. We do have the bluest skies.

Celebrating retirement

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3 thoughts on “Celebrate Closure

  1. Julie,

    Congratulations on reaching your retirement goals. Best wishes to you on the new chapter in your life. Best Wishes.



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