A Day at SeaGL

SeaGL is Seattle’s free open source conference; this was the seventh year for the event hosted at Seattle Central Community College. This is a great venue to expand your IT knowledge on free open source tools through vendors, demos and speakers.

One of the speakers was a ten year old girl Alice, who’s parents were there for support. She did a grat job showing how to use the tool Krita, a freeĀ professional and open source painting program. Alice demonstrated how to use the tool and answered questions from the audience. Alice is creating a game using Krita. Children and adults can learn new skills through playing games. Kudos to her parents for encouraging her to play, learn and teach.

The other two presentations I attended were very educational, I had never heard of multicast, a communication method that broadcasts to users and hosts. The presenter Brett Sheffield is using multicast over UDP, a simple message-oriented transport layer protocol, and creating a LibreOffice project.

The third presentation was on how to create consistent technical documents using Emacs and Org mode. This expanding my Linux knowledge base. Mike Hamrick did a great job sharing editing, writing and formatting techniques for professional documents.

A check off for another technical event and life long learning endeavor. Ensuring my brain does not wither away to dust blowing in the wind.


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