Collaborating With People You Do Not Like

Executive Summary

Sharing this summary that highlights key points for collaborating with people who have different work styles and opinions that you. The full length article is here

How do you collaborate with someone you don’t like? They’re not toxic or difficult, you just have different styles, and they rub you the wrong way. It all starts with reflecting on the cause of the tension. Remind yourself: You won’t get along with everyone, but there is potential value in every interaction. Take an honest look at what is causing the tension with you and your colleague and what role you play in creating it. Try to understand your colleague’s perspective. Few people get out of bed in the morning with the goal of making your life miserable. Make time to think deliberately about the other person’s point of view, especially if that person is essential to your success. Rather than trying to work through or around the other person, engage them directly, and try to understand your difference in interpersonal style. You may realize that your styles could be complimentary if you adapt your approaches. Lastly, ask for help. It shows that you value their intelligence and experience.

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