Saying No is Powerful

Saying “No” is one of the most powerful things that we can do to be effective.   We define who we are by our choices and actions in life.  When someone asks if you can help or volunteer for an event or long term project, and you do not want to, sometimes it is difficult to say “No”. 

There is a list of reasons for not saying “Yes”, due to other commitments or priorities in our life.   Offer a brief reply on why you are  refusing the request, then offer an alternative that might be mutually agreeable.  Focus on the importance of the relationship.

What you gain by saying No:

  • Time to work on projects you enjoy
  • Control over your life
  • Safety from overextending yourself

How to say No:

  • Be quick
  • Be honest
  • Suggest an alternative solution
  • Ask for a rain check

The reasons why you should say No:

  • Define what your ideal opportunity looks like
  • Understand if  the opportunity has potential
  • Define what will be entailed  to move forward

It may help them see your point of view — and even if they don’t, you still get to make your choice.

Decline opportunities with respect and with a good reason.  Your world could change drastically tomorrow.   When the door of opportunity knocks; think before you respond.

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