Responding to Cyberterrorism Attacks Training

Recently, I completed a four day class for Cyber First Responders (CFR). Specifically, on the topic of cyber-terrorism. This course focused on an emergency response to a cyber-based attack that has crippled or disabled a critical cyber infrastructure. Participants learned how to and counter-attack numerous types of cyber-based attacks and restore critical infrastructure quickly.

This course provided training on how to effectively use cyber-terrorism response tools against cyber attacks in a real world simulated cyber-attack environment, and learn the appropriate steps for an incident response that included incident assessment, detection and analysis, containment, eradication, and recovering processes from a computer system or network-based attack. This class was a FEMA course and was taught at Edmonds Community College. I do recommend the CDI: Cybersecurity First Responder course, for people who want to expand their cyber-security knowledge and skill set.

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