Virtual Book Club Gathering

My book club decided to make this social distance standard a reality that works for our monthly meeting in Seattle. The club organizer set up a webex account to accommodate our groups requirements. We meet for two hours, once per month to discuss the selected book of the month. We share a feast of wine, food and laughter at each meeting.

This month’s book discussion was, “Circe”, written by Madeline Miller. It is a story based on ancient Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Circe was a goddess of magic, though she was sometimes depicted as a nymph (minor nature god), a witch or an enchantress. The author did a great job adding her twists developing Circe’s character throughout the story. Throughout Greek history, women have had minor roles.

This book club has been meeting for over five years. We have developed friendships and have bonded over wine, food and books. It is not possible to actually share the wine and food virtually; we can share the laughter and wisdom gained from these monthly meetings. We are strong women who refuse to be hindered by a virus. These are challenging times. We have the technology and innovation to make it work. I am looking forward to our next book club meeting, whether virtual or live in person.

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