First Virtual Conference Experience

Originally, The Women in Cyber Security Conference was planned to be in Denver, Colorado, in March 2020. Due to the pandemic, it was transformed into a virtual platform, April 15 through April 17, 2020, not an easy endeavor. The community from members to sponsors worked together to assemble this three day conference with the attitude, “we can do this”.

Each day began with opening remarks, a key note speaker, followed by discussions panels or a speaker. Topics covered from leadership to cyber security certifications. Participants were from diverse backgrounds in experience and education, from East coast to West coast, from the United States and Canada, to students and professionals. The event’s goal was to broaden participation in cyber-security  for women by recruiting, retaining, and advancing females in the field of cyber-security.

I enjoyed the group discussion on ‘Rising Leadership, the Hackers Mindset Workshop, and the panel discussion Best Practices for Companies to Engage with Law Enforcement and Counsel in Response to a Cyber Security Incident. Insightful information and engaging conversation for each of these sessions. Plus, great networking at the Professional Affiliates Night In session.

The first day I learned how to operate the Zoom features and a few other apps. Integration of tools does not always work efficiently. There were a few video and audio issues, they were resolved and everyone moved forward. People were patient and understanding.

Takeaways from this event were sisterhood, we are stronger together, and we can do this. Enthusiasm and teamwork were evident throughout the three days. Awards were given to people on Friday morning who earned the recognition for putting on this conference.

The digital transformation is here. Being virtual provided the opportunity for more people to attend. Face to face conferences are valuable too, it was not possible at this time. World events forced this issue and the expectation today and tomorrow is to be onboard to host the event with the resources and people within your organization. We can do this!

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