Why Feedback is Important

Revisiting a topic I feel is important, especially during tumultuous moments these days. Conversations between people are strained. People are struggling with many issues that impacts their self image, resilience and confidence. During this pandemic and now violence, people need each other even more to solve everyday problems at home, work and within their community.

Humans need other peoples perspective to develop. People thrive if the feedback is received in a productive and meaningful way. Even with appropriate feedback, people may still have a a difficult time incorporating information about ourselves, despite it being a basic human need. Giving and receiving feedback helps us build strong relationships.

I am listing take-aways from the speech discussion last year at a my Toastmasters club meeting.

1. Feedback is always communicated When we talk to others, we communicate feedback. It is impossible not to give feedback. People communicate feedback by their body language, facial expressions or speaking or writing directly to involved parties.

2. Feedback is effective listening Whether the feedback is done verbally or not, the person offering the feedback needs to know they have been heard and that their feedback provides value to you or them.

3. Feedback motivates Feedback can motivate people to perform better at their work or to enhance their personal relationships. Everyone likes to be appreciated and valued, and enjoy being asked to provide feedback when making decisions. Feedback from clients, suppliers, vendors, and stakeholders can be used to motivate to develop stronger working relations within the group, or externally with stakeholders and clients.

4. Feedback improves performance Constructive criticism does provide feedback to others, which can help others make better decisions to improve their work performance or improve personal relationships with family and friends. Improving ones-self to create a better quality or condition in our personal or work lives can generate more happiness or income, resulting in a better life or work scenario.

5. Feedback is a tool for learning Ongoing feedback permeates throughout an organization to establish goals, create strategies, develop products and services, and improve our relationships within the organization. Continued learning is the key to developing long-term relationships with family and friends. Healthy relationships are important to people.

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