A Box Collection

During this pandemic I have collected cardboard boxes. My mail and food deliveries do not want boxes returned. So much for recycling and saving the environment. My home was looking like a staging room for a charity donation site. Boxes stacked in every room in my condo.

Recently, I learned from a neighbor that another neighbor was collecting egg carton boxes and delivery type boxes for the Edmonds Food Bank. I followed up on that lead. Alas! The rumor was true. My upstairs neighbor verified that Edmonds Food Bank needs boxes to pack groceries when providing food for people in need. They also use plastic bags for pet food and brown paper bags for groceries. Great, I have bags stuffed in my laundry room. I dashed down the stairs to my place and quickly returned with paper and plastic bags. This afternoon I gathered my stash of delivery boxes and dropped them off at her front door.

More good news, the people in the local North Seattle area have been generous donating food. The local food banks are working together to deliver food to neighborhoods. People are working together to sustain our local communities.

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