Resilience defined: the psychological trait that allows people to be knocked down by the adversities of life and come back as strong as before, or greater. Instead of allowing difficulties, negative events, or failures overcome them and drain their resolve, resilient people change their course, emotionally heal, and continue moving towards their goals.

My life these past six months has been impacted by the pandemic. Plans for vacation, hobbies, work and education have been disrupted. Life as I planned for my Phase III had to be modified with the knowledge I possess at this moment. I updated my Mind Map for 2020; I expect it will be changed before the year is finished. I cannot dwell on the past. It is over.

I see this as an opportunity to create my story. New chapters will be added with new discoveries, ideas, thoughts and activities. I prefer to thrive in the sun than wilt. This is a new journey, path unknown.

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4 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. Thanks for sharing, Julie. Q: How do You compare the new normal with constraints imposed by full-time, underway-at-sea, maritime experience?


    1. Carlos, My life at sea experience compared to the pandemic normal, are very different circumstances. Both have constraints, I chose to go out to sea, I did not choose the pandemic. What both have in common: people depend on each other for survival and your physical distance from people and communication in person are minimal. Thriving in any environment is determined by the individual first, then other people and constraints by the community and government. At the moment, I have more respect for my shipmates and my local community; we did look out for each other at NOAA and Pan Alaska Fisheries. I have fantastic neighbors. Change is continuous, adapt or sink. I am wearing my life vest on my row boat,


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