My Thoughts on the book, “The Industries of the Future”, by Alec Ross

Finished read the book, an interesting read during this whirlwind ride of a pandemic. This book was first published in 2016. The five industries cited are: Robots, Human Machines (Genomics), Money Markets (Digitized Money), Cyber and Data. My thoughts as I read this book, ‘this book appears to be outdated and its only four years later’.

Since January 2020, the world has flipped, bounced, smashed and swerved off course due to a virus that originating in China then quickly spreading around the world. The United States was expected to be the best prepared. The United States was not prepared and is still lagging due to lack of leadership and confusion. Smaller countries like Australia and Singapore reacted promptly to calm the beast. World markets and industries are falling, a few industries for example, bleach and toilet paper are in high demand these days. The supply chain for food, transportation and medical supplies are limited in scope.

The digital transformation for sharing information has been stymied by bureaucrats and politicians in this country. Wearing a face mask should not be a political issue. Medical staff in hospitals throughout this country do not even have enough supplies. Other healthcare issues are pushed aside to treat Covid-19 patients. Parents are home schooling their children with mixed results. People are working from home and many have been laid off. Stress levels and anxiety are high due to uncertainty in the near future.

Economies world wide are enduring this pandemic. It is day by day. Businesses are open for business, then closed. People are staying at home or venturing outside. This book addresses the future and choices for countries. Hope for empowering all people across the vast landscape of possibilities through technology, science and data, is daunting at the moment. The future is uncertain. We face challenges daily and will have to navigate many storms ahead before this craziness subsides.

I have listed the link for this pdf version of the book below. It is available at the library and from Amazon. Enjoy the book..

Link to the pdf version of this book

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