Cloud Jam Session

Sharing my experience at the virtual Jam event hosted by Bright Talk with Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) and the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud Computing. This event was fun and educational. This challenge was for beginners, for which I qualified. Over 270 people around the globe participated in the this event with ten challenges. The top three teams were recognized for their achievements by completing all ten challenges within a 3 1/2 hour time frame.

Teams were private or public. I randomly chose a public team. Teams communicated via chat lines. Everyone had the same challenges. There was a basic AWS cloud service and clues provided. Hints cost the teams points. Team scores were tallied throughout the event on a visible dashboard. I had hands on experience with other cloud or virtual services, but not AWS. Ditto for my team, whom I had never met before this event. We rose to the challenge of communicating and dividing the AWS challenges between us. We completed one AWS challenge; we resolved other challenges.

The other challenges; we admitted we had limited expertise in AWS and a few of the topics. Our lack of expertise did not stop our determination to learn about the AWS Cloud platform. We shared information through the chat line, researched topics and utilized the provided online tools. At the conclusion of this event; we discovered AWS has a vast landscape with numerous options and viability.

This was a great hands-on experience on team work, collaboration, and grit from this jam session with Women in Cyber Security and AWS. For me, it was a non-stop effort stretching my brain capacity while networking with amazing women around the globe. WiCyS and AWS plan to have intermediate and advanced sessions later this year.

Thank you for the challenge!

More information on AWS Training and Certification

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