The Voters Ballot Box

Working at the Sultan Voters Ballot Box

The voters box for Sultan, Washington, was installed in February 2020 for the school levy election. The August primary election is the second time this ballot box has been used by voters. The Voters box is next to the Sultan Library and City Hall Building. Voters were excited and serious about casting their ballots, some were honored to have the right to vote. A mother driving the family car, proudly stated, “It was the first time her kids voted”. Another Snohomish County staff member and myself assisted with the ballot collection.

Washington state has mail-in voting; we also have ballot boxes for those who prefer to hand carry their ballots. The Sultan Post Office even dropped off ballots to the Sultan Voter box. Others, are procrastinators, one voter was down to the final ten seconds before we locked up the box. These voter boxes are available for drop off ballots once the ballots are mailed for each election. Thank you to everyone who voted. Overall, a fantastic day!

Voter Turnout and Results

53.5% of Snohomish County voters cast a ballot in the Primary, a record turnout for a primary. That’s 261,275 ballots.  Every one of those ballots passed through the Agilis team hands (this is the scan and sorting equipment).  On Election Day 97,241 ballots came through a drop box.  That means 37.2% of all of the ballots cast were dropped off on Election Day.  We heard from voter’s who also expressed gratitude and sent their thanks for our service to democracy.

Posting photos for the day. I explored downtown and the countryside of Sultan, Washington, before my work shift. Sultan, Washington, is located in Western Washington, a rural community north of Seattle.

Historic Downtown Sultan
Snohomish Countryside

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