Whirlwind Crazy 2020

The year 2020 has not been like anything I planned for Phase 3 in my life map exercise. Foreign and domestic travel are limited to a few places. Visiting friends in person is at 6 feet away. Forget hugs or handshakes with humans not within your family or pod. It is considered high risk behavior.

I now have Covid-19 stories. Starting with a bathroom shower project that took six months to complete, to a package from downtown Seattle that took three weeks to be delivered. The pants I ordered took the scenic route from California. (It’s complicated) Then the pants were too big. Ugh! Scheduling a dental appointment requires not being out of Washington state for 14 days and not experiencing any Covid -19 symptoms.

Part time or full time work opportunities are sketchy at best. Professional networking is virtually online using a variety of platforms, Zoom and Team are popular. On the positive side, I have received many free training or low cost opportunities, including Covid -19 contact tracing on Coursera via John Hopkins University. Working from home is now the accepted trend for many companies. Back to school is virtual or hybrid for many students. Virtual online fatigue is common, as is loneliness and boredom.

I continue to adjust my near future a month ahead. Forget the one to three year plan, five is obsolete. Staying focused is a challenge. Celebrating my birthday is with one friend at a time. Thrilled to have friends to venture out with wearing our masks and face shields properly.

Practicing gratitude and working on a few non-profit projects within the Seattle community; plus updating my technical skills. I am Zooming in with Meet Up groups and friends. These friendships have endured the pandemic. Summer walks and bike rides provide the opportunity to photograph nature and life. The splash of color in the neighborhood soothes the soul. People saying ‘hi” is not taken for granted! Not even mind mapping year 2021.

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Blogging from the Pacific Northwest, outdoor enthusiast, photographer, project manager and Certified Digital Forensics Examiner

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