Fragments From Life

My vacation to Utah was the first vacation since my prior trip there in 2018. This vacation during this time reminded me how much my life has changed. I realized the magnitude of damage Covid-19 had caused these past six months in my life. I know others are surviving this chaotic year. Plans and dreams were placed on hold, Covid-19, racial riots and conspiracy theories are now the daily news feeds.

Healthy relationships between family, friends, and strangers are fragmented. It is difficult to see, hear and comprehend, then add wildfires, hurricanes, and earthquakes. People are exhausted. What is next? There is no forecast, this virus aka Rona continues to extend month by month.

My five days in the Wasatch Mountains revived my spirit that life continues and it is my responsibility to adapt to the changes. I own my happiness and well being. Photographing Nature never lets me down. Sharing my favorite posts that sparked feelings of joy and hope.

Published by Mews News

Blogging from the Pacific Northwest, outdoor enthusiast, photographer, project manager and Certified Digital Forensics Examiner

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