Cyber Triage Training

My review of the three hour Digital Forensics Cyber Triage training by Brian Carrier. The training does focus on the digital Investigation process and can be used by any level of Digital Forensic expertise. The Cyber Triage tool organizes artifacts and places them into categories, then breaks the data into smaller data sets. Brian focused on the questions you should be asking yourself during an investigation.

The three topics covered as part of the Cyber Triage investigation are User Activity, Malware and the Operating System. Each topic was covered individually. Each section had a quiz that you had to pass before moving to the next module. I thought the quizzes were simple if you followed the webinar. Brian shows how the Cyber Triage tool collected the artifacts, assigned risk levels and categorized each artifact.

My takeaways from this training was having a process for your investigations is a good starting and end point. Creating a baseline of your network, monitoring systems and user access, applying updates as mandated, and using tools that expedite the process are necessary to protect your computer network. If your network has been attacked and you have processes in place; it can save you time and resources, specifically labor costs and reputation to restore your network. I thought this class was applicable to the digital forensic investigation process.

This online class is free, here is the link:

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