Driftwood and Odin Myth

I love to beachcomb the local beaches here the Pacific Northwest. Plus, the sound of waves hitting the sandy shoreline have a calming impact on my mood. It is a fantastic photo opportunity on any day, rain, wind or sunshine. This post is on driftwood, artistic designs from Mother Nature.

Citing Wikipedia… Norse mythology, the first humans, Ask and Embla, were formed out of two pieces of driftwood, an ash and an elm, by the god Odin and his brothers, Vili and Vé. The Vikings would cast wood into the sea before making landfall. The location of the wood would be an indication as to where to build their mead halls. The wood used would found the high-seat pillars of the new hall. Mead halls are large single rooms in a township of a tribe. They were usually built for the king and his courtiers. The word ‘mead’ is an old English Anglo Saxon word derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘madhushala’ which means tavern. 

Odin, the powerful Norse king of the Aesir, was the God of wisdom, healing, death, royalty, knowledge, war, sorcery, poetry. Odin is credited with creating the Universe after he slayed Yamir the Frost giant. Odin married the goddess Frigg and they had two sons. Rumour has it that Odin had numerous wives, plus had a tryst with the earth goddess Jord, resulting with the birth of Thor. Odin resided at Hlidskalf in Valhalla, sitting on his throne as he ruled the Nine Realms and created chaos. Odin loved to meddle in the affairs of the Gods and humans. He started battles by just throwing his spear. The Vikings designated Odin as their patron and sacrificed humans in his honor.

Odin had a soft skill set too. He created the runic alphabet, practiced magic and was a poet. Ravens flew to Odin relaying the events and gossip of the Nine Realms. There are many stories about Odin throughout the centuries. The stories and myths of the powerful Odin, still thrive today, from books to the movie screen.

Driftwood slideshow:

Odin: https://www.gods-and-goddesses.com – Gods & Goddesses, December 21, 2020

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