Embrace Change

We choose to embrace change, or to go with the safety net of familiarity. – Seth Grodin, It Is Your Turn to Lead, and It Is Always Your Turn to Lead

These words quoted by Seth Grodin are encapsulated in my brain as I am preparing for Memphis GiveCamp 2021, as a project manager overseeing three teams.


GiveCamp organizations host weekend-long “hackathons” for good throughout the year in cities across the United States. During Memphis GiveCamp hackathon, there were programmers, designers, software developers, project managers, and technical support, were donating their time to build websites, apps, and software tools for non-profit organizations in the Memphis area.

Working with a fellow GiveCamp organization virtually offers new challenges, ideas and creative answers, forced by the dynamic push to build virtual platforms in the “Cloud”, in a socially distance world. Leadership and teams work past hurdles over the weekend on the virtual platform Teams by Microsoft. The projects entailed designing websites, creating forms, and building apps. We have 34 projects and over 200 volunteers.

My past experiences at GiveCamp and other hackathons taught me that collaboration, critical thinking, planning and optimism can lead to developing a working product for the end user by the end of a weekend. Embrace change and follow where it leads you.

Memphis GiveCamp 2021

Project status for Sunday morning at Memphis GiveCamp, volunteers were scurrying to finish and test their final products. It was amazing to watch creative and technical talent merge across time zones and countries. Volunteers were working around the world from Seattle to Nigeria. Closing ceremonies showcased the weekend accomplishments for over 30 projects. Great job everyone!

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