Collaboration in Agile Teams

Sharing what I learned from the “Collaboration & Communication Tools for Agile Team Leaders” webinar, hosted by Seattle Puget Sound Chapter, Project Management Institute (PMI).

Agile in project management is a process used to monitor a project throughout its life cycle. Agile  life cycles are composed of incremental steps, adapting to changes and repeating cycles to measure the process while working towards project completion. The Agile process is used in software development to define requirements and developing solutions throughout the collaborative effort, cross-functional teams and end users.

The webinar focused on ‘Collaboration’ which involves consensus brokered by a facilitator to engage partnership and alignment within the team. Trust is important when cultivating a team. People are more productive when they feel safe and can team members can take risks and make mistakes without a blame culture. Lack of trust within a team can be a result of technology, lack of transparency, egos, or poor communication. Culture change starts with us through processes and procedures.

Build a Psychological Safety Net
  • Create working agreements and establish boundaries
  • Be vulnerable; acknowledge your own vulnerabilities
  • Frame the work as a learning problem, not an execution issue
  • Ask a lot of questions

Leading teams implementing the Agile process in a remote environment has its own set of challenges. Face to Face communication is the best method to convey your message to your team. Listen, be in the moment and practice empathy. As a leader, trying to understand another persons point of view can be challenging. It is critical to listen to different approaches to solve a problem, especially with tight schedules.

The webinar introduced a few tools for Agile process for Project Management, I listed them below.

Agile Tools

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