Virtual 42nd IEEE Symposium

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Four days of workshops, presentations, sharing of ideas, papers, research, plus collaboration, and feedback from participants around the world. Topics ran the gambit from basic security principles to AI Machine Learning. These were live presentations hosted on the Hopin platform.

My personal experience was positive. I attended presentations and workshops on a variety of topics including: networks, malware attacks, AI machine learning and the Internet of Things. A few subjects refreshed my memory bank and others challenged my brain. Presentations were reviewed and selected by committees prior to the event. Attendees could ask the presenters questions after presentations and the workshops.

Presentations & Workshops

A forum for sharing, learning, and networking despite a pandemic. This event was hosted from San Francisco, and participants were from around the globe participated. This was an opportunity to be creative, strategic, innovative, and inclusive. This four day event required hours of planning and work. Thanks to the companies and organizations who donated time and/or money. Looking forward to the future with an onsite forum as an option. Virtual and in-person interaction is essential for personal and professional relationships.

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