Water Bubbles

I have enjoyed bubbles since I was a child. In the summer, I would play with my soap bubble wand and spray bubbles across the yard. A simple pleasure on a hot summer day in Central Washington.

Walking by a water fountain in Edmonds, Washington on Friday; I discovered large water bubbles floating in the fountain. Numerous bubbles. It was a hot summer day filled with smoky air from the forest fires. A gloomy morning. I saw this as a photographic moment capturing bubbles and water drifting. The bubbles provided relief from the stagnant air and grey clouds. I was smiling. Sharing the fun memory.

Recalling memories from my past. Enjoying today gives me happiness now, and this too will become a memory tomorrow.

Published by Mews News

Blogging from the Pacific Northwest, outdoor enthusiast, photographer, project manager and Certified Digital Forensics Examiner

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