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Creativity is implementing your imagination and ideas into reality. Creativity is visualizing the world differently, seeking patterns and connections between unrelated ideas, processes and events. Creativity makes life more interesting and fun; it triggers our imagination into discovering solutions and enhancing our daily lives. Nurturing our creativity is essential and new research demonstrates how creativity impacts our lives worldwide. Everyone has the capacity to be creative.

Why Creativity is Important:

  • Creativity generally leads to more opportunities
  • Creativity increases self-esteem
  • Creativity reduces stress
  • Persistency morphs into optimism
  • Breaks down barriers
  • Fuels positive emotions in people
  • Creativity adds fun and adventure

Creative people discover how to improve processes and solve issues via persistence and refusing to give up. Embracing ones’ creative power challenges people to thinking and experimenting with other people, ideas, theories, and best practices, whether in business, school, or in their personal lives. Grab your chalk and draw!

20th century French artist,  Henri Matisse  described creative people as curious, flexible, persistent, independent and adventurous. Take a look at how these qualities will help you succeed in your professional, personal, and college life.

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