5G – Cyber Threat Webinar

A benefit being a member of Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) are the hosted webinars. This webinar presented by Katie Grzywacz (Lockheed Martin Associate Fellow), was an informative presentation. The webinar provided an overview of 5G compared to prior network services from 1G through 4G.

5G Features
  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband (EmBB),
  • User Reliable Low Latency Communications(URLLC),
  • Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC)
5G Technology Changes

This new technology improves the network and is highly configurable, providing improvements in speed, coverage, and reliability. The primary rationale for 5G over 4G is supporting the increasing demand from the internet and devices that are mandating more bandwidth compared to the 4G platform. 5G uses different types of antennas, operates on different radio spectrum frequencies, connects more devices to the internet, and delivers ultrafast speeds.

Potential 5G threats could occur due to policy changes, the supply chain process, or improper management of the network. Legacy communication architecture is more vulnerable to attack from malicious actors. Spectrum sharing could provide more opportunities to attack the communication network.

5G is more flexible, people can connect to the internet with more devices and bandwidth is not an issue. 5G is a new technology and an improvement over 4G. 5G opens the airwaves for more internet-enabled technology, wireless sensors, mobile devices, and improved data transfer. This is a broad overview of the webinar. I recommend viewing this webinar because it explains the architecture changes and how it is an improvement over 4G thoroughly. The presentation is posted on BrightTalk for WiCyS members.

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