Creating SiteMap for Website

Sitemap for Pet Subscription

Creating a sitemap for your website is a good starting point. The Crazy Eights, building a persona and writing a journey map are also useful tools for ideation process. Here is my current sitemap outline. Designing quality websites involves planning and research.


Cat Food Delivery App Mockup

First Project for UX Design Course

Learning UX Design has been challenging and rewarding. My first project is a mobile app for Cat Food Delivery. This course has 7 Modules. This is the fifth module product. This course is offered through Coursera and The American Dream Academy. I wanted my first project to be whimsical, playful and easy to navigate.

My First UX Project Figma Prototype

First Screen Only


Conduct UX Research and Test Early Concepts

Completed course 4 of 7 for the Professional UX Design Course through Google. Course 4 has been far easier than Course 3. Finally, learning how to design using the Figma tool, I prefer design over research. Interviewing people is a challenge, especially remotely. I posted the first page of my low fidelity prototype. The design is for an E-Commerce Cat Food Delivery Mobile App.

Responsive Design

Designing Different Sized Apps

Learning how to design mobile apps and websites. It is a challenge; it is not simply copy and paste. There are a variety of sizes, features and layouts to modify. It is common to change designs by adding or dropping elements, altering sizes or discovering you missed something vital to the basic design. I am close to finishing this Google UX Deign Certificate through the American Dream Academy and Coursera. It is seven modules over a six-month time frame.

Here is my website digital wireframe derived from mobile app prototype using Figma.

Mobile App Prototype

Website Pet Subscription

Responsive Website, Adobe XD

Built a responsive website with Adobe XD. Kept it simple. My goal is to learn UX Design and experiment with design tools and concepts. It is a vast creative and technical. This Google Certificatation program includes seven modules over six months.

UX Design for Cats Store

Cats Store
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