Crazy Eights for UX

Sharing my UX Design Journey

A fun brainstorming tool to generate a variety of ideas from the team. This can be an individual sketch exercise too. The concept is to give each team member eight minutes to sketch out eight ideas on a ‘Crazy Eights Template’. A piece of paper folded into eight squares can be used; the concept is the same. The craziness that follows can produce some wacky ideas. After the eight minutes, the team shares their Crazy Eight templates and problem solutions.

This brainstorming tool is incorporated into my UX Design curriculum. I prefer this method over listing ideas from the team at the same time. Sketching my ideas made be focus on viable solutions for my App.

Learning UX Design

I am learning UX Design through Coursera and the American Dream Academy. There are numerous tasks each week. I am working towards a UX design Google certificate; I am learning how much work and detail is required to design a feasible mobile app for a diverse group of users.

There are numerous mobile app tools to use: Figma, Miro, Adobe XD for starters. This week I am interviewing people on which features people like and dislike. Surveying people in-person and by telephone. Curious to dive into the preferences of potential end users. The results will be shown on an Empathy Map.

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