Virtual 42nd IEEE Symposium

A forum for sharing, learning, and networking despite a pandemic. This event was hosted from San Francisco, and participants were from around the globe participated. This was an opportunity to be creative, strategic, innovative, and inclusive.

Self Awareness

As part of a Mentor Program, I had an assignment to take the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment. My top five strengths are listed below and are aligned with my values: Lifelong Learner Strategic Intellectual Self Awareness ,Maximizer I find this article interesting on leadership from the Harvard Business Review, Self-Awareness Can Help Leaders More ThanContinue reading “Self Awareness”

Collaboration in Agile Teams

Sharing what I learned from the “Collaboration & Communication Tools for Agile Team Leaders” webinar, hosted by Seattle Puget Sound Chapter, Project Management Institute (PMI). Agile in project management is a process used to monitor a project throughout its life cycle. Agile  life cycles are composed of incremental steps, adapting to changes and repeating cycles to measure the processContinue reading “Collaboration in Agile Teams”

My Thoughts on the book, “The Industries of the Future”, by Alec Ross

Finished read the book, an interesting read during this whirlwind ride of a pandemic. This book was first published in 2016. The five industries cited are: Robots, Human Machines (Genomics), Money Markets (Digitized Money), Cyber and Data.