Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS)

Pursuing a career in cybersecurity is still a goal.  Despite a few obstacles along the way. I am still committed.  I joined WiCy.  WiCyS is the only nonprofit membership organization with national reach that is dedicated to bringing together women in cybersecurity from academia, research and industry to share knowledge, experience, networking and mentoring.  I am thrilledContinue reading “Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS)”

Seattle Give Camp 2018

This year was my sixth year volunteering at Seattle Give Camp; another fun weekend hack-a-thon.  The group develops software tools and applications for non-profits in the Seattle area.  The event took place at the Commons on Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA. This year I volunteered on a team of nine for La Leche League ofContinue reading “Seattle Give Camp 2018”

Leading with Kindness

Sharing this article from Inc., because I believe in leading with kindness.  Taking the time to listen to others and their life stories offers insight to who they are and what their values are.  People are a valuable resource, not a commodity to be traded.  Empathy, sincerity and vulnerability should be embraced as a strength,Continue reading “Leading with Kindness”

Malware Tools

A great time learning from other hackers, Jesse Moore shared his slide presentation on Adversary Tactics Configuration Management with the South Sound Hackers meetup. Takeaways for me included. Always be prepared – Patch Software Benchmark Your Starting Point Biggest Threat to an Organization – 93% from phishing and pretexting; 96% most common attack vector wasContinue reading “Malware Tools”

Taking the Initiative

In the world of STEAM, women need to speak up and inform their peers on what projects they are working on and what is really  happening in the workplace.  If you need help or guidance speak up and be heard.  I attached a link to an article that addresses actions women can take to improveContinue reading “Taking the Initiative”

Your Greatest Strength

Your greatest strength is being yourself. You should be able to be yourself at work. It means treating everyone with kindness and treating people how you would like to be treated.  All human beings are valuable, no matter what our differences or personal history.  The best teams work together, everyone provides input and respects one another. Continue reading “Your Greatest Strength”

Cyber Defense First Responder Training

Recently, I earned a Certificate for Cyber Defense First Responder.  The course covered the  incident response process and the role of the Cyber Defense First Responder.  Topics included  identifying methods for  Cyber Security Incident Response Team training and testing and testing. Create an evidence map of your network and identify various types of evidence at eachContinue reading “Cyber Defense First Responder Training”