Going for a walk in the woods may lead to an aha! moment. Many people figure out creative, new ways to solve problems by allowing their minds to wander.Gavin Clarke

Project Seattle Give Camp 2020, will be a virtual online event this year. The event is from October 23 – October 25, 2020. Looking forward to this challenge; this entails a focus on Community Outreach due to the pandemics impact in the Seattle area. The event was a success. We completed eight projects over the weekend.

Nonprofit Exchange Hub, SeattleTech4Good, (Democracy Lab Project), the team is creating a platform to enable nonprofit organizations to share information and resources to better serve the local communities.

Memphis Give Camp 2021, February 26 – February 2021, will be virtual online this year. Looking forward to collaborating with another Give Camp in a project manager role.

Project Management Resources
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